Journey to Noroff

Learning Activity – wk1

I’m Leanna Lunde. I’m an Australian who has been living in Norway for the past 15 years. I’ve mainly lived above the Arctic Circle – amazing place – and have just moved down to Oslo to transition into a design career.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a diverse career in the Arts. I’m an educated Stage Manager with credits in playwriting and video production, and have worked in the Arts as a producer, dancer, choreographer and community artist.

Art and design has always been a part of my job, but now I want to make it official. I’m currently doing a design and marketing internship with a Norwegian company while studying Graphic Design at Noroff. I’m looking forward to honing my skills and reaching the next level.

I am also the manager and designer for a Trance duo based in Norway where I get to extend my skills in design with album artwork, posters and video. I’m excited to have working opportunities to put my design learning into context.

This blog is essentially a platform to document my learning adventure in becoming a Graphic Designer. As I’m at the beginning of my journey, I know I will likely make lots of mistakes and do a lot of work which I will feel embarrassed about in five years time, but… Bring it on!

Design Interests (ATM)

Motion graphics
Movement – I’ve always been drawn to the art of title sequences and motion logos – playing with timing and

Flow – Creating a journey of ideas though text and image that not only entertains but inspires the viewer to action, is both challenging and rewarding.

Design Art
Communication – expressing complex ideas by the simple and elegant juxtaposition of words and image is an exciting challenge, which can produce powerful outcomes.


Assignment Schedule

MA00Work Methods13 Aug18 Aug (midnight)
MA01Design Principles19 Aug30 Aug (16.00)
MA02Logo2 Sep27 Sep (16.00)
MA03Layout14 Oct 8 Nov (16.00)
Project Project Exam 17 Oct25 Oct/6 Dec (16.00)
MA04Photography (Portfolio 1)19 Aug11 Dec (16.00)
Portfolio Portfolio 17 Oct13 Dec (16.00)
MA05??Intro Design for Screen16 Dec24 Jan (16.00)
MA06Photography 227 Jan7 Feb (16.00)
MA08Branding and Packaging9 Mar3 April (16.00)
MA07??Design for Screen10 Feb1 May (16.00)
Project Project Exam 223 Mar17 Apr/5 Jun (16.00)
Portfolio Portfolio 223 Mar12 Jun (16.00)
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