History of Photography – Len Lye

Twenty years ago, I have the opportunity to see a Len Lye exhibition in Melbourne, Australia. He techniques very very innovative in his time (early 1900’s). I was particularly drawing to scratch technique on film and his kinetic sculptures, but for this task I will focus on his photograms – as this was not featured in the History of Photography.

Photgrams is a technique of taking photos without a camera, using light and light sensitive paper. As German Expressionism was a popular artistic style of the early film period (in between the world wars), photograms were also particularly stylish, emulating the shadow profile pendents that were often carved out of animal tusks (also typical on the heads of coins). However, the innovation was about combining this with other figures and shapes to create a print of light on paper. Len Lye was influenced by science and so a lot of the imagery he produced commented on the connection between science and human figures.

Revisiting Gestalt

Similarity – the objects in the design are the same colour

Proximity – the objects in the design are placed close together to collectively form one image

Closure – the foreground objects collectively form an overall image in the mind – “U”.


Similarity – Proximity – Closure

Food & Malt




The pub and restaurant concept portrays itself as a traditional, yet hip, country Colonial-style pub and restaurant. The pub section offers a small ‘English’ pub menu. The website address is confusing: https://www.grannen.no/naboen2

web search
Web search

Pub Menu
Website front page

Henrik Øl og Vinstove

A basic student concept pub with an atmosphere for socialising. There is no menu posted on the every basic website. The website address is confusing: http://ve.no/index.html

Web search
Web search


A trendy wine & dine restaurant in a Colonial-style boutique setting. A clash of rustic and modern decor, and an la a carte menu. The website is modern and easy to navigate: http://www.spisekroken.no

Web search
Web search
Web search

Solving the Problem

Target group:

Young urban individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested in culture, food, design, trends and the night scene.

People who like craft beer and ‘dude food’. People who like to socialise in a casual setting with a combination of traditional and modern design.

Logo characteristics:

It should be simple and easily recognisable
Timeless. Try to use no more than 3 colours
The logo may contain a symbol / figure / ornament. This is optional.

Clean, minimalist with a taste of traditional that can work on all products including glass, coasters and posters.

Design Challenge:

Traditional with a modern twist.

Hipster, letterpress, quality, homemade, professional.

‘Hipster’ clashes with ‘timeless’ as it is a style movement, the same as metro-sexual. And ‘dude food’ clashed with hipster, quality and professional.

Loose Juice

You are briefed to do an illustration for fruit juice packaging (orange and banana flavour). The name of the product is: Loose Juice.

Initial sketches:

Concept development:

I decided on a modern design to market the juice as a trendy drink for adults – fresh, clean and healthy. I chose the three arc design as it has a minimalist and modern feel to it. It is essentially an impression of the first sketch drawn on the first page – an arc of the leaf, orange and banana.

Building in Illustrator from sketch:

Initial build:

Even though the arcs are impressions of a leaf, orange and banana, because of the colour selected, the images resemble falling green leaves, which reinforces health and freshness.

The ‘orange & banana’ is only one flavour, and it is presumed that a whole line of flavours will be introduced to the market, so the design accomodates for that.

Playing with spacing & sizing:

Final draft:

Because the design is simple it can work for all sizes; also as a stencil, outline or in negative.

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