I’m Leanna Lunde. I’m an Australian who has been living in Norway for the past 15 years. I’ve mainly lived above the Arctic Circle – amazing place – and have just moved down to Oslo to transition into a design career.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a diverse career in the Arts. I’m an educated Stage Manager with credits in playwriting and video production, and have worked in the Arts as a producer, dancer, choreographer and community artist.

Art and design has always been a part of my job, but now I want to make it official. I’m currently doing a design and marketing internship with a Norwegian company while studying Graphic Design at Noroff. I’m looking forward to honing my skills and reaching the next level.

I am also the manager and designer for a Trance duo based in Norway where I get to extend my skills in design with album artwork, posters and video. I’m excited to have working opportunities to put my design learning into context.

This blog is essentially a platform to document my learning adventure in becoming a Graphic Designer. As I’m at the beginning of my journey, I know I will likely make lots of mistakes and do a lot of work which I will feel embarrassed about in five years time, but… Bring it on!

Design Interests (ATM)

Motion graphics
Movement – I’ve always been drawn to the art of title sequences and motion logos – playing with timing and

Flow – Creating a journey of ideas though the
progression graphic
information is intriguing.

Design Art
Communication – expressing complex ideas by the simple juxtaposition of words and image is an exciting challenge.

Let’s build something together.

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