Rice Packaging

Design packaging for rice. The packaging has to be different from what is out there in the market. Apply each one of the SCAMPER techniques and do a write‑up on your findings. Then choose the option that you think would work best and do a sketch of what the packaging would look like.

Already on the market:

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Substitute – Rather than a rip or pull open lid, have a slider.

Combine – Put a measure window on the side of the box.

Adapt – Make the top of the box a measuring cup.

Modify – Have a circular hessian bag with draw string so it is formed by the rice and shape of environment.

Put to other use – The rice box is part of a box system of goods that slot into a bigger box form for tidy and compact shelving.

Eliminate – Take away the cardboard and make the packaging into triple layered paper.

Rearrange / reverse – Rather than providing packaging for 1kg, provide packaging that portions to the recommended daily amount of carbohydrates for weight loss.

New packaging:

Rice Bowel

Eco-friendly – recyclable materials, and reusable

Functional – holds product, has a clip lid for reuse, label is removable, washable, stackable

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