Moodle Doodle

Task: Choose a metaphor/concept/analogy that illustrates how you see Moodle with all its different elements and areas.


Moodle is a forum-based platform. It is difficult to navigate because of the design and the vocabulary. Therefore the presentation of information on the platform is ‘messy’ and the information input for the viewer is ‘messy’.

A mess – random scribbles that do not seem to function together, however, as a whole, they create an image/impression.

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A scribble is unordered, unkempt, confusing, or meaningless, though it has its own form – loose but present – so the mind can still make sense of it. Over time, the eyes start to see patterns and pathways to destinations – familiarity. What first may be a mess can become chaotic order.


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Mr Messy from the Mr Men children’s book series by Roger Hargreaves

Etch A sketch – one line draws the whole design

A Moodle noodle doodle.

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